John Lovett and Jeremiah Owyang has written (with others) a white paper on Social Marketing Analytics. I’ll be referencing the report throughout this posting, so go check it out. This response is divided into three parts. It starts with a ‘I see where you’re coming from’, then ‘a few questions and inquiries’ and then ‘a few caveats and ways I’d improve it’. First, I see where John is coming from. John states, clearly, that “The objectives and metrics defined….in this report are a starting point for the infrastructure of social media measurement.” (p. 6). The whole document then goes into a very transparent goal alignment strategy – where four business objectives are lined out based on a goal, then KPI’s[…]

I’m increasingly disturbed by the accuracy of Topic Bearing Word of Mouth (WOM) algorithms. A previous study, published in this space, expressed dissatisfaction with standard sentiment analysis. My mind has since turned to the difficulty in expressing massive amounts of WOM into simple metrics that are actionable and decomposable. So let’s just go beyond the realm of evidence based pre-optimization of marketing messages, and set the entire area of sentiment-bearing word polarity aside for awhile. It’s relevant and important. Just not the focus tonight. Let’s turn to topic bearing WOM. Imagine you could listen to the world, and assume that Burke’s reality is now…a reality. If you haven’t seen the video from my ‘about’ section – here it is again.[…]

For Syncapse, eMetrics Toronto was a success. This post is long, and divided into three parts: a summary, a response to Glinski, and then a few thoughts about the next eMetrics summit to come to Toronto. The first presentation was Theresa Locklear of the National Hockey League. She demonstrated just how far that team had come in just two years. She presented real data – how it’s really presented – across multiple parts of the organization. I applaud that degree of transparency and I applaud her in particular for bringing her entire team. And her analytics team is simply brilliant. They’re well inspired and well informed. Solid. I’ll start with the Quant/Qual mix panel on Wednesday night. There was no[…]