There’s a tension between two modes of communication – comms by storytelling and comms by bullet point. They each have pros and cons. In this post, I’ll summarize the differences. There is no verdict. The bullet point Some speak in bullet points. They’re being the golden threes be’s: Be Brief. Be Brilliant. Be Gone. Their talks might as well be written in nouveau-valley font, with Serif. Brevity is valued; where hard problems command easy heuristics, and where ‘don’t make me think’ is the l’ordre du jour. If I had more time, I would have written less. That’s especially true in the Valley. It’s true of politicians in certain settings. It’s true on Adelaide and on King. Elevator pitches are a[…]

In this post, I will unpack the concept of Convenient Reasoning and link it to managerial judgement and the spirited defense of Gut. I really haven’t challenged these assumptions in a few months, so, if you dislike what you read, give me a shout. I’ll spend too much time over the next 45 days repeating the orthodox line of scientific management and continuous learning in digital. It’ll be a great opportunity to unpack some language and really tone down the information density. Gut Just as I translate the word ‘leverage’ into ‘use’, I translate the word ‘gut’ into ‘my feelings about expectations’. Or, put more derisively, ‘muh feelz’. I’m indebted to James G. March for highlighting the difference between expectations,[…]