Kleinbl00 wrote an excellent synthesis of the phenomenon gripping Reddit right now. (Explanation of what Reddit here.) Here’s the link. Here’s the quote for posterity: “It isn’t a brain drain, it’s climate change. Early Reddit was an environment friendly towards tech geeks who wanted something more indepth than slashdot or HN. As such, it attracted erudite geeks. Middle Reddit was an environment friendly towards thinkers and seekers who were looking for discussion beyond what was available on the archetypal PHPBBs, news outlet comment sections and, notably, Digg. As such, it attracted thinkers and seekers. Late Reddit is an environment friendly towards image macros and memes. As such, it attracts ineloquent teenagers. Something Reddit did early on, under Alexis and Steve,[…]

Well, that’s one way to validate your heuristics. http://5000best.com Note the use of an aggregate average rating as the first column. That’s likely designed to have an effect on your perception. (Machines can adjust your opinion!). Check it out.

Why is SoLoMo the best trend? It’s the newest! (#YOLO) Remember that meeting in 2003, and then again in 2004, and 2005, and 2007, and again in 2009, when somebody would come into the room and pitch: “Imagine this, you’re walking down the street, and you get an SMS for a free Starbucks coffee because you’re 40 feet away from one! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME???” Picture related. (No, that would not be awesome. I’d get a coupon offer every 50 feet walking through downtown.) Well, they’re back, baby! And, with new jargon to boot. SoLoMo! SoLoMo had a competing concept, called LoSoMo, during the early part of 2012. I’m not quite sure if the repositioning of the Lo to the[…]