A lot of what seems to be alarming news on the Virtual Reality front. Steam is reporting a 0.18% penetration on VR headsets. The gadget press is calling it a crashing halt. Or a nose dive. It’s interesting. Let’s reserve judgement. Google Trends suggests a summer lull in interest in VR. What happens in 2017/18 for VR really depends on what happens on the weekend of November 24 – Black Friday. If the demand from early adopters responds the way the supply side wants, we’re in for a roaring year of consolidation in the space. And we’ll be feeling the effects of that consolidation for a very long time. If you’re looking to make a long term bet on a[…]

A data driven culture isn’t necessarily devoid of creativity or imagination. Just the opposite. They’ll have to be especially patient around brand formation. Brands A brand exists in the mind of a person. It usually costs a lot of money for a brand to be impressed upon the cortex of a person. There are certain economies of scale that kick at scale, but still at a considerable cost. If that feels fuzzy, despair not. The framework below is fantastic:   Brand and CAC The optimization objective of a startup is valuation. To maximize valuation, Customer Acquisition Cost has to be minimized. As previously explored, nature doesn’t cooperate to keep CAC low. The point of the brand is to reduce CAC[…]