How do you, and those around you, deal with failure? Because if the answer is anything but “well” or “every fail has a lesson”, then progressive, iterative, experimentation and AB testing really, really isn’t for you. Go away. Stop reading. It’s not everyone. The way to build an experimentation and testing bench is entirely by setting sail for fail. How to build your Experimentation and Testing Bench Your bench will be built: 95% with culture 5% with technology The technology is well thought out and several vendors are excellent in this space. The technology isn’t a problem. Sure, there are a few pretty shockingly bad systems out there. Every industry has a phony. Building a testing bench begins with policy.[…]

Two big announcements – HBO and CBS, two major media companies that create original content, will both offer OTT streaming services. Consumers won’t need a cable subscription to get either of them. Sports are excluded of the service. More on that below. As a Canadian, it’s even more interesting because the CRTC has been holding hearings on another consumer friendly initiative, Pick-And-Pay. It’s pleasing to see HBO and CBS work at offering audiences the entertainment they want, and how they want it. It’s the beginning of the flip from a content-centric to a consumer-centric paradigm. And that’s a lot deeper than just a set of buzzwords. It manifests itself in the activities at the media company. I was impressed with[…]