I learned quite a few things this week thanks to a lot of our twitter exchanges.

Thank you.

Collectively, digital analysts do not:

  • Have a standardized method to express causality.
  • Have a standardized method to limit R^2 inflation as a result of collinearity.
  • Have a standardized method to express either in a clear, simple, and concise way.

A set of preferred solutions:

  • We should check VIF and communicate that figure when reporting R^2.
  • I’m a long ways away from being able to be really brief WRT this problem set.

What do you think?


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3 thoughts on “We’re not on the same page with respect to marketing attribution

  1. Don’t ask web digital analysts to understand statistics… when I wrote the very simple series on stats behind web analytics some ppl commented web analysts just had to know what was an average… the tools give it the rest… yeah right!

    I might be wrong, but is it also possible that since most web analysts come from a marketing background, they might not have been exposed to concepts such as Ishikawa, cause & effect diagrams, process diagrams and such?

  2. Isn’t that going to be the rub?

    People are skeptical of what they don’t understand. If web analysts don’t understand statistics, they’re going to be skeptical of anything beyond a simple statement of fact, or observation level data.

    Does that form a permanent ceiling?

    Not really. They can learn.

    @JimNovo – and CHAID. Yes. And CHAID.


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