Eric Peterson kicked off a debate about a Web Analytics Code of Ethics. You can read about it here.

Here’s my comment:

1. What is the maximum length (word count, characters, bullet points) that a Code of Ethics can be before it becomes ineffective?

2. What is the minimum and maximum lengths (word count, characters, bullet points) that a Code of Ethics has to be before it becomes ineffective at PR-marketing objectives?

3. Should a Code of Ethics make explicit references to technology types?

If the purpose is to create an actionable Code of Ethics, and if practitioners are going to live it, then it has to be compact, memorable and timeless. It is beyond my capability to remember and live 25 bullet points or marketing doublespeak.

If this code is to have a timeless quality to it, should we make reference to today’s technology tomorrow? Probably not.

It’s the Hippocratic Oath versus the iTunes terms and conditions. One or the other. Not both.

If the primary objective is a PR-Marketing exercise, then yes. It should be 5,000 words and contain every single soothing sound known to humanity. Do it and go into it knowing that. And be honest about that.

If the primary objective is to unify practitioners on principles, then no. It needs to be short, sweet, and actually stand for something universal. Do it and be real.

This mandates choice.

I’m coming to the table. I’m bringing others with me. We’ll work this out.