We’re doing a little experiment on Twitter around the #msure hashtag.

To understand the reason for #msure, you need to understand our problems with #measure.


  • Bi-hourly ‘reminders’ of an event that’s going to happen two weeks from now
  • Bi-daily ‘I’m recruiting an analytics ninja with twelve years of Google Analytics’ messages
  • Live tweeting throwaway lines like “Leverage data to optimize your business”
  • Traffic generation spam top 10 tricks, top 7 ways to increase clickthrough rate, top 8 derp for maximum herp lists
  • Random people using strange hashtags that are related to analytics

I don’t expect #measure to change.

I’m not expecting #measure to change.

I’m no position to ask #measure to change.

I think a lot of people like those ninja call to actions. I think there are a whole bunch of people who are new to analytics that would really benefit from reading “the top 11 ways to pimp out your call to action button that A/B testers don’t want you to know!” That’s all relevant to some audience out there.

So, to #measure, I say – carry on. Carry on.

Go forth and multiply.

#msure is intended to be different. And it isn’t about rules.

It’s just about different behaviors.

Please, when using #msure:

  • Tweet interesting links that would be of interest and novel to established analytics professionals
  • Don’t spam the channel with repeated announcements or calls to action, which also includes over-Retweeting the same message in excess of five times. (Yes, we saw it. Please don’t hit the channel continuously with the same message. Use another hashtag to spread your word.)
  • Block and Report spam the repeated spammers or call it out if you see behavior you don’t want to see

Some people are going to spend some time at #msure now. It’s not because they’re any different or better. There’s a group of people who are a bit busier and further along into the analytics that need a bit more of a focused channel. A ‘best of’ channel so to speak.

The behavior over at #measure is what drove the creation of #msure, and, that choice ought to be respected.

We’re into week 2 of the experiment.

I hope we can have nice things.


I’m Christopher Berry.
I tweet about analytics @cjpberry
I write at christopherberry.ca