I used this blog to talk to very specific groups. Sometimes it’s marketers. Sometimes web analysts. Sometimes it was candidates applying for a position. Sometimes it’s data scientists, brandsters, and social analysts.

Sometimes this worked.

Sometimes I confused the hell out of different audiences at different times.

I’ll continue to speak to web analysts through the research committee of the Web Analytics Association, in particular, through a new experiment we’re launching and ongoing Peer Review Journals.

I’ll continue to speak and collaborate with ultra niche communities – data scientists, marketing scientists, and open data professionals through christopherberry.ca.

Eyes on Analytics is shifting.

I’ll be curating content from not just from marketing analytics, but also from further afield. My goal is post more interesting content, more often, with less reading. Finally, I’ll be borrowing more heavily from the Economist Style guide, with less jargon.

Thanks for reading.