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The long bio is:

Christopher Berry.

Christopher Berry is COO of Source Network. Christopher is a data scientist. He turns data into product. Previously, he led Product Intelligence for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, founded authintic (sold to 500px in 2014), and led teams at Syncapse and Critical Mass.

He brought machine intelligence, addressable segmentation, and testing to CBC. He’s done breakthrough social analytics / contagion programs for AB-Inbev, Research In Motion, and Coca-Cola. He participated in eCommerce redesigns at Gucci and Dell, mobile integrations for Best Buy USA, and banking innovation at Citi, JP Morgan Chase and USAA. He was also part of the team responsible for the Webby awarded redesign of NASA.gov.

Christopher has spoken at Strata San Francisco, SXSW, DAA Symposium, multiple eMetrics conferences in New York, London, San Francisco, and Toronto, IMC, NCDM, and the Toronto Data Mining Forum. He’s an organizer of Machine Intelligence Toronto, and active among INFORMS researchers. Previously, he co-chaired the Digital Analytics Association’s Research Committee and led the Peer Review Journals Project.

Christopher wrote over ten reviews for the Digital Analytics Association and was a key contributor of its Code of Ethics and privacy provisions. He is published in the Canadian Journal of Transportation.