I’ll be at eMetrics next week. I hope you will be too.

It’ll be great to be back in New York.

There are a few people that I’m looking forward to seeing: John Lovett on social media, Melinda Driscoll on web analytics, Shari Cleary on media, Joseph Stanhope on mobile, Alex Langshur on government. And then there’s Michael Healy, Patrick Glinski, and me.

I’m presenting with Michael Healy on sentiment. Michael Healy is among the best thinkers in this space and is just great. There have been a few very recent breakthroughs in sentiment analysis over the summer (and as recently as last week), and I’m looking forward to explaining how to treat the measure. I understand a core problem with the application of the metric – the gap between what some want the metric to mean – and what the metric actually really measures.

I’m with Patrick Glinski of Idea Couture on Friday – presenting “Communicating Data to Designers”. It’s a really different topic, and something you won’t see anywhere else. It’s not on the radar yet as a differentiating competitive advantage. It’s new, it’s different, it’s fresh – and even a bit risky. So come on out. We won’t bite.

I’m looking forward to seeing you out.