One of my favourite sites is It’s everything I love about startup culture and innovation.

There are hundreds of independent variables that goes into explaining why some of these startups are going to thrive, and why most won’t.

(It’s more complex than biology because people are involved!)

My favourite variable is evident utility.

Each startup has two paragraphs to convince me to even click to learn more.

Do I see an actual use? Does it do something that somebody else already does in a better way? Cheaper way? Is it generalizable.

It’s not the most predictive variable of success though.

Twitter is a good example of something I could see no evident utility for. Eventually I saw utility, at which point I joined. (After staying away from it for so long because I was suspicious of those who were raving about it).

Not perfect, but a lot of fun nevertheless to watch so many go at it.

Enjoy the site.