I’ve been reading four books simultaneously these days.

Of course, I shouldn’t really say simultaneously. I can only read one at a time. More accurate language would be ‘jumping between four books’.

The first is Sam Ladner’s excellent thesis on the commodification of time in the new economy. It’s a pretty awesome read.

The second is Gladwell’s latest book. And it’s a manageable read because the chapters are well contained. It’s called “What the dog saw”, and that line is pulled from one of the Chapters on Caesar Milan. Fun!

The third is a seminal 500 page book about competition. And it’s a sobering read.

And the fourth is about mental structures in the new economy. And I haven’t decided if I’m going to admit that I even read it.

So many at the same time. Sometimes I get to a point in a book where I literally can’t stomach it. It’s either so dense or so depressing or so wrong that I need to put it down and change the channel. Instead of popping open the web browser and heading over to 4Chan, I suppose it’s easier to flip over to another book. Naturally I’m putting off the gratification of completing something. But, so be it.

But at least there’s apple sauce. Apple sauce to wash down all that awful, awful medicine.

And Sam’s thesis is not medicine. I’m actually really enjoying it.