Have you read about Gartner’s 232 Billion Big Data prediction?


Equally amazing – the 4.4 billion dollar social media analytics prediction, by 2016.


  • Gartner is projecting a 45% per year average growth rate for social media, social network analysis and content analysis from 2011 to 2016.



This is revenue growth in spite of a massive trough of disillusionment coming up. A majority of this growth in the post-trough slope of enlightenment. That’s big growth.

You have a choice.

You stand on the sidelines barking that there’s no such thing as contagion effect. You can chose to ignore the most recent findings in the August edition of ‘Science’ on network homophily. That’s your choice.

Or you can put on your swimming shorts and go swimming in a pool of big data social analytics.


I’m Christopher Berry.
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