I can tell you right now how I’m behaving in a multi-medium media world.

I have several tabs open as I write this:

  • Facebook – which contains a newsticker stream of activity.
  • RDIO – which is playing music, pipped right into my ear.
  • Blogger – where I’m typing this.
  • A half dozen tabs I haven’t visited for a few hours, or, I have yet to actively click upon.

I also have an Adobe Air App loaded:

  • Tweetdeck.

That’s just one device – my MacBook.

I attended an INFORMS conference in 2008 where a particularly bright professor presented findings from a new type of diary. His findings suggested that multi-medium media consumption was the norm. Ie. Many people reported listening to the radio while having the TV on while reading a magazine.

He argued for medium planning. I thought he was right and well ahead of the curve.

And this was pre-tablet.

My behavior can’t be unique, but it certainly can’t be common – yet. Or is it?

The challenge to this generation of marketing scientists and marketers is obvious.