There are three major ideas on the brain as of late.

Ideas might be a dime a dozen. When I spend several hours thinking about each though, they become worth more.

I can’t and won’t talk about the first. (Nod.)

The second revolves around frustration with the difference between ‘design strategy’ and ‘business strategy’. Specifically – there being too much rigor in the one, and too little in the other. There are issues with the heuristic-based way of thinking, and with the algorithmic. I’ve finally just understood enough about the problem to be able to articulate it, and now going through that rage-phase where the more I research and the more I learn, the more I become upset about the current state of affairs. It’s not right dammit. It’s not right.

The third revolves around the decision to write a pamphlet-booklet of some sort. Somebody might say “I knew Keynes, I worked with Keynes, and you sir, are no Keynes” about that decision. I can’t bring myself to write a full on book at this time in life. So, a pamphlet, in that old Keynes style, might be the way to go. You know, sit down with the paper copy in New York and have it read by the time you’re in Vancouver sort of read. Fly-over country reading.

It’s probably around that third point that is the most agonizing. No disrespect to others who have written books – I just don’t think that I could do a very good job at writing something that long. I may be long-winded in the mouth, but frankly, I only say 16,000 per day on average (Mehl et al, Science, 317, p. 82). I couldn’t image talking for 4 consecutive days by way of a book.

That’s where I’m at.

A few major announcements in the wings and a massive weight of work – but generally feeling good.