A few very good discussions were had at Bar Wellington last night. It was really great to see Sascha back from London, even if it was only for an evening.

We got into mobile analytics and I praised the recent of efforts of our Mia Umanos for working so hard with the Web Analytics Associations’ Research Committee and the mobile analytics project. Mobile analytics is not easy, but there are very large opportunities to demonstrate the value of the channel using the method.

I ‘d like to see the ETL process for mobile analytics get better. I’d hope that those vendors would pick up where traditional web analytics companies have left off – and who knows, there might be a very good one out there. There also happens to be a great capacity to do evil with that data, and I’m rather happy hear the unanimous agreement at the table on cleaning out personally identifiable data from the main bulk.

Later, the conversation degenerated into a John and Kate Plus 8 fest. Which I won’t cover here.