According to the WAA website:

“The WAA is hosting a Web Analytics Championship where Web Analysts will be able to review the site and traffic data for Analysts can submit their analytics reports, insights and observations about the site to the WAA, where the most insightful presentations will win prizes!”

And what’s the goal?

“Our intention is to create an opportunity where Web Analysts can interact and share their professional knowledge with their fellow analysts in the Web Analytics community. As part of our efforts to promote the Web Analytics field, the WAA choose to launch the Web Analytics Championship on the official WAA Web site. We believe that this will be a wonderful opportunity for Web Analysts to have some “analytical fun”, share their knowledge and if you are really good, win prizes!”

While I’ll nod at the contest (I think the end goal is really quit good) – I have to question it, just a bit.

Sometimes, if a company doesn’t want to pay a designer for a logo, they’ll have a ‘contest’. And I agree with a cohort, that’s kind of cheesy.

At first glance, many won’t read the entire page, and many won’t realize the real intent of the contest.

I think a few people will find it fun. 🙂 And I think many people will learn a lot about Google Analytics, so I applaud that.