Pre-Click Analysis involves examining all the things we can measure before somebody actually reaches your website.

It includes taking a look at all the sites that are linked to yours, and the context in which they’re pointing to you. (Are most of the links on forums, on blogs, or other types of sites? Are they saying good things about you? Are they recommending you? Are they condemning you?)

It involves taking a look at all the keywords that people are using to find you. What’s your page rank on those search queries? How far down the search page are people going to find you?

Examine the context that your banner ads are in.

What is your offline strategy like? Is it pointing towards the site? Is the URL on that offline material – unique? What does that material look like? What are they likely to try to find when they arrive on the site? Is it easy to find?

Considering the Pre-Click factors will enable you to understand more about the context that the entire site is in – and maybe why that bounce rate is so high on some keywords!