eMetrics is coming Toronto next week. There’s still time to register, and I have a discount code if you want to attend. Tweet me at @cjpberry and I’ll shoot it on over. This will be my third eMetrics in three years, and as such, I’ll offer a few predictions.

The panel I’m moderating on Wednesday will go off swimmingly. There will be some controversy as the panelists tussle over what’s really important in the qual/quant mix. There will be enough sparks to ignite some lively debate that evening.

The whole Syncapse Measurement Science team will be there in force that night and on Thursday. They’re going to see just how other people present their material and they’ll have quite a few takeaways.

Web Analytics Wednesday on a Thursday night will be messy. When isn’t?

On Friday I’m presenting on Word of Mouth social analytics and talking publicly about new idea. I will be presenting real data and with a real idea. You have to come to the session to find out.

Then there’s a dynamite panel right after featuring Jim Novo, Stephane Hamel, Jacques Warren, John Lovett and myself. It’s the first major panel in Canada following the Carrabis posts on the matter and should be really relevant.

Major stories emerge in the hallways during the conference. Several major projects get started, deals are done, products are sourced, and thoughtcrime is exchanged. At previous conferences disagreements bloom into much of the blog discussions (like this one).

I think the most major discussion will be the sentiment problem and some of the broader reconciliations between brand and action. Certainly, Sterne has put forth his point of view. Avinash has offered his. My team and I have offered up ours. There will most certainly be an effort to reconcile the views into a coherent model.

eMetrics continues to be an important gathering of people, product and ideas. It’s an interesting gathering of different types of people.

Agendas will be set. They always are at these events. Like it or not. Products and features will be announced. They always are. And knowledge will be spread. It always is.

So I’ll repeat the action I’d like you to take. If you want to go, tweet me at @cjpberry and I’ll shoot you a promo code.