eMetrics San Francisco is this week, and #measure can expect the usual volume of hashtags and quotes. For those of us at home or in the office, the flow can be pretty annoying.

That torrent causes a fairly warped view of what’s really going on. eMetrics is far more than the witty one liners delivered in a BIG way in REAL TIME.

There’s a lot of substantive material.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the definition of Big Data?
  • What is the definition of Real Time?
  • Can either help me win?

Analysts aren’t alone in feeling like there’s too much data coming at them. Is more really better?

More data might not be the right answer 80% of the time. Better understanding might be. And yet, I can cite very specific areas of research where large volumes of extremely coarse data are required to make accurate predictions about the future. It might be right for you, in context.

For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as you watch or ignore the flow, think about those things.

If you’re not attending the conference – think critically.

If you are attending the conference – think critically.

Key picks:

  • Neil Mason is among the best people to listen to about segmentation.

Shameless Plug:


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