I knew there was mud ahead, but I had expected it to be frozen. After all, it was -36c when I started in – hell having been recently frozen over and all.

Boy, did it thaw ever quickly!

We’re all guilty of spinning the wheels once or twice, with just enough torque that you figure that you can get out of it.

Nope. Stuck.

Insanity is to cling to the drivers seat – spinning and spinning – expecting a different outcome.

Now, you can be the do-it-yourselfer…get out, grab two 2 by 4’s, wedge those suckers under the tires, and try to get some traction that way.

You call the CAA or, AMA, and get that tow truck to pull you on out. Most people do that as last resort.

Or you can stay in denial and just wait for the mud to freeze again – and hope that you have enough torque to get the hell out.


I’m going to buy an ATV.

It’s mud as far as the eye can see.