Fun was had by all – there were quite a few people from out of town who came out – and a very diverse group appeared to get along well. The venue of The Counter went over well, and will probably be the preferred place for crowds in the 35 person range.

There were a couple of inside-track discussions, and I think we’re in for quite a shakeup in the next couple months.

One theme that continued to come up are challenges in overlap and general effectiveness of our programs. Complaints about unresponsive institutions continue to roil, yet some wins were celebrated. We toasted Mike Sukmanowski’s victory in what appears to be a clean install of Omniture over at the Globe and Mail.

I’m increasingly concerned with the unification of CRM methodologies and thinking with Branding methodologies. Emma Warrillow is too. There was a lot of discussion around that, and something we’ll continue going over in the lead up to December.

Discussion of the UBC Course and Certification was also dominant at the tables I happened to join. It’s really great to see so many new grads of the program out at the event.

Thanks to all who came out and made it a productive and fun evening. An announcement about the November venue is forthcoming.