This is the fourth in a series of five posts about Reddit and Analytics. The complete thread will be posted at the end of the week.

Previously – we covered the nature of the dataset, read histograms, generated segments, and examined them. 

Putting a bow on it

The chart below summarizes the relationship between segment and their average vote. You can see a clear negative direction. The more one uses Reddit, the more one downvotes – even if the mean is exaggerated in the Power Pauline segment.

To really hammer the point home about the origin of downovotes, take a look a the table below. It’s broken out by the segments you understand. It also contains two new variables – upvotes and downvotes. That is the total count of the number of upvotes and downvotes made by each segment.


  • One-Time Olivers as a group were responsible for 175 of all the downvotes cast.
  • Vanity-Vanessa’s as a group were responsible for 1781 of all the downvotes cast.
  • Average-Andy’s as a group were responsible for 13,258 of all the downvotes cast.
  • Frequent-Fred as a group were responsible for 120,758 of all the downvotes cast.
  • Power-Paulines as a group were responsible for 1,672,368 of all the OBSERVED downvotes cast – but are probably responsible for a lot more in aggregate across all of Reddit. (This sample contains a bias, but bias doesn’t mean I can’t say anything at all about anything.)

Note the differences in order of magnitude between each group. 1781 is roughly 10 times greater than 175. And so, a bit imperfectly on the way up to Frequent-Fred’s. There’s an order of magnitude difference here in terms of the amount of weight each group casts.

The greatest power users users of Reddit are the ones who are downvoting you – and it’s an exponential power.

I’ll be posting some implications and the ‘so-what’ tomorrow.


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