It’s summer event today at CM Toronto.

It’s normally a very good day. As with anything, the 80/20 rule applies to it.

We have a town hall, where a member of the executive comes and presents. It’s actually really good. When I started out as an analyst, the only time I was ever really fully brought up to speed (I felt) was during these presentations. Things have long since changed for Marketing Science folk.

Then there’s some component of field trip or activity fun. Those are always fun.

And then there’s an evening of more fun – typically featuring Captain Morgan.

What I value most is getting to really talk to people from the other offices. So often, they’re voices on the phone, and very often, you’re not exactly meeting under nice circumstances (they’re calling for a reason, and typically there’s distress involved). In sum, it’s nice to see people in person and listen to what pains them. And then fun to have fun.