Joseph Carrabis just published the final in his three part series, the Unfulfilled Promise of Analytics.

It’s worth a read.

Pop some corn and leave a thumb ungreased to pound that space bar.

Joseph concludes with an invitation for others to carry on where he left off.

So here goes:

Where to from here?

A point of view.

In my view – analytics is a science that is in service of an entity. It’s not about the pursuit of truth but rather the pursuit of competitive advantage. Anything that stands between us and that goal is an obstacle to be obliterated. There are 7 axioms that I consider to be the most relevant foundations and anchors.

I’ll add more axioms as I encounter ideas along the way.

The science of making data talk is pretty straightforward. The art of communication is not. That doesn’t mean that we can’t apply science in understanding the art of communication. Isn’t that one of the whole premises of marketing analytics?

(Of course it is.)

And what of the social-institutional problems that continue to plague? Do we throw our hands up and scream about those? Or are those barriers that block the path to sustainable competitive advantage?

If we can agree on a common goal-set, it become a lot easier to chart a course around the obstacles.

Of course, you’d have to agree with the original premise of analytics in the first place. It’s purpose.

In sum, perhaps we should be using the same tools we use for the benefit of others, for the benefit of ourselves? Imagine. Practicing on ourselves what we preach to others.

Finally, a thank you –

The quality of thought and the degree of time and effort that Joseph put into those posts is significant. I thank for him for it. It’s has had an effect.

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  1. Chris,
    Thanks for continuing the discussion and sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I’ll put a link into UP P3 pointing people here.

  2. Thanks Joseph for the post and linkback.

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