It’s a big week for analytics in Toronto.

There’s a growing industry of digital intelligence / analytics, professionals in southern Ontario. It’s a brilliant and welcoming industry. This is the week when we get together, share knowledge, and welcome newcomers.

The eMetrics Summit, the conference of the Digital Analytics Association (use the promo code BERSPK for a discount to the summit), will also mark second major Southern Ontario Chapter meeting.

There will be case studies from TD, CBC, Bombardier, Intuit, The New York Times, TVO, Hyatt, and Maple Leaf Entertainment.

Zoe Morawetz (TD) is showing us how they execute digital segmentation. Gareth Cull (Mozilla), Mark Dykeman (BMO) and Tim Ashby (CM) will be sharing which technical traps to avoid, Greg Dinsmore (CBC) has some very interesting mobile analytics to share, and Matt Gershoff (Conductrics) is in from New York to link predictive analytics, testing, and behavioral targeting.

If you’re new to digital analytics, or, you’re a digital marketing professional looking to understand more about optimization, it’s worth attending.

To get you started, here’s a list of people and introduction starters:

The 15 people (in Alphabetical Order) you should meet at eMetrics Toronto…

Marco Bailetti

Ask Marco about the current state of FinTech analytics.

Gareth Cull

Ask Gareth about implementing a test bench.

Jose Davilla

Ask Jose about Google tag management.

Greg Dinsmore

Ask Greg about day-parting multichannel data streams.

Mark Dykeman

Ask Mark about sourcing and building strong analytics teams.

Jenn Evans

Ask Jenn about B2B attribution.

Sharon Flynn

Ask Sharon about how executives interface with reality.

Matt Gershoff

Ask Matt about the relationship between decision automation and behavioral targeting.

Stephane Hamel

Ask Stephane about the Online Analytics Maturity Model.

Kelly Kubrick

Ask Kelly about the relationship between data strategy and digital strategy.

June Li

Ask June Li about remarketing.

Zoe Morawetz

Ask Zoe about digital segmentation.

Jim Novo

Ask Jim about multi-channel retail analytics.

Jim Sterne

Ask Jim about the Digital Analytics Association.

Emma Warrillow

Ask Emma about the relationship between technologists and “the business side”.

In sum

There’s a lot going on this week in Toronto – there’s a lot to share, and a lot to talk about. I hope to see you there.