Kurt wrote an excellent post about building a data science team. It’s excellent and it’s worth reading.

To expand off his points:

  • The first 90 days provide fuel for the subsequent 180.
  • The 180 days after are far muddier, because what was scaling in very unsophisticated interfaces require a lot more work to become elegant solutions.
  • Data scientists should evangelize evidence and do what they can to develop interfaces that democratize the data. The math is a means to the end.

Own reflections:

  • I’m extremely thankful for my years of experience with Information Architects and Designers – as now – when I go into a room and they’re not around, I actively think about that end state.
  • I’m glad I’ve spent as many years with developers as I have. I have new found appreciation for simplexity and complicity.
  • Data is inertia. Foresight pays.


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