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Here’s a selection from the May Wave.

Advertising and Consumers’ Communications (2013).

The authors model how social media causes strategic considerations for identity brand marketers. Brand identities are tightly connected with market segments. Consumers can cause (unwanted) changes to those brand identities. It’s now long past cliche to say that web 2.0 caused brands to lose control. This paper puts forward some rigorous modelling to quantify those effects, and how the firm might respond.

Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements: Tiger Woods’ Impact on Sales of Nike Golf Balls. (2013)

Evidence that celebrity endorsement increases actual sales, not just brand recall. This is a big one and goes against conventional wisdom in brand marketing. It’s worth paying attention to and is an entertaining read.

[Review Coming Soon] Creating a Measurable Social Media Marketing Strategy. Increasing the Value and ROI of Intangibles and Tangibles for Hokey Pokey (2013).

Hokey Pokey is a brand of ice cream, not a sarcastic commentary on the state of social attribution. Hokey Pokey relies heavily on Word of Mouth (WOM) and social marketing to drive sales. This case study builds on existing models and is among the more accessible papers on the topic. This an effective rung for a digital analytics professional to grab onto, and either scale upward into the literature, or backwards into the previous work on WOM and social contagion. I guess you might say….it’s a great paper to put your right foot in.

Media Multiplexing Behavior: Implications for Targeting and Media Planning. (2013).

This paper is for those especially concerned with attention fragmentation across multiple mediums.”The goal of our research was to advance a model for predicting individual and multiplexed media choices while accounting for cross-channel synergies.” The paper is fairly dense compared to the others, and might be of particular interest to those involved in developing omni-RTB arbitrage plays. This might be a good place to start if you’re trying to put all the marketing spend together.

PROSAD: A Bidding Decision Support System for Profit Optimizing Search Engine Advertising. (2013)

A solid explanation of profit maximization in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and a terrific literature review on the topic. The diagrams are instructive and useful, and the explanation is well written.

Effective Marketing Science Applications: Insights from the ISMS-MSI Practice Prize Finalist Papers and Projects. (2013)

Marketing science academics analyze successful industry-academic collaborations. Chalk full of meta. There are lessons in there for any professional slogging it out through a major project.
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