The first day of eMetrics here was indeed a productive one.

The day began with fighting for Internet access, strategic planning, a meeting, and more strategic planning. Afterwards, we moved onto the social networking track and took in a very, very good presentation from a graph theory researcher.

We moved onto lunch, and did the furious networking thing. Then took in two more presentations. One was on the PR of social media, and the final one was a a series of case studies on how to use social feedback and making decisions against it. It was certainly ‘actionable’.

The evening was another round of furious networking, and accosting a number of vendors on just what their solutions can do, and how much they would run at.

We moved onto a WAA Committee supper, then another meeting, and then another supper with another set of good colleagues.

End to end, we ran from 7am to 12am.

eMetrics IS what you make of it. And I try to make the absolute most out of it.

I want to share a few “Immutable Laws of 21st Century PR Marketing” that KDPaine ( presented:

Banner and pop ups are not the reason people by stuff
It’s not how many eyeballs, it’s the right eyeballs
It’s not the media, it’s the conversation
Size doesn’t matter, so stop screaming, and start listening. (The theory of very large numbers doesn’t apply)
HITS = How Idiots Track Success
Be who you are and see who is pleased
ROI doesn’t mean what you think it does, because you can’t divide by zero

Like with everything else you’ll hear at a conference, you take a little bit of A, a little bit of B, and you arrive at your own conclusions.

Last year, at eMetrics, measuring “Engagement” emerged as one of the big things that was all the rage. I’m not entirely certain what’s going to emerge this time.

Maybe a renewed focus on the social technology of eMetrics would be in order? 🙂

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  2. glinskiii says:

    I’d have paid the price of entry just for that HITS acronym.

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