eMetrics is a conference about digital marketing optimization. It’s about marketing analytics.

You meet many great people who are doing great things at eMetrics. I talked to progressives from Monster and Workopolis, disruptors at Rogers and Expedia, marketers from J&J and MacLaren, scientific marketers at Intuit, and open data leaders from Translink. There were experts – real experts (not just handwaving big talkers, real ones) – in big data, design thinking, and data science. They paneled. And they were on hand to talk one on one.

These conferences are awesome because they inspire. Great people talking about wondrous things are inspiring. As Jim Sterne pointed out by way of this Google Trend snapshot below.

The United States is fifth in searching – behind Bulgaria. Canada is ninth. Behind Bulgaria.

Behind Bulgaria, Singapore, South Korea and India.

Here are two more:

If we’re not searching for these technologies today, and not talking about them tomorrow, or trying them the day after, we’re going to be in a world of hurt next week. Jim flagged this as a problem. It’s worth reiterating here.

Toronto eMetrics 2012 had panels and experts in all three of these of fields – design thinking, big data, and data science. It’s very rare to have them in one place. In general, designers and marketers and data scientists don’t talk often. Opportunities to discuss, create connections, and follow up are relatively rare in this space.

We should all start moving on that.

A massive thank you to the organizers, speakers, and participants. Thank you June Li, Andrea Hadley, Tiffany Harris, and Jim Sterne. And to those who put up with my moderating: Emeline Mallow, Louise Clements, Patrick Glinski, Camille Kiffer, Sina Muzzin, Jean-Paul Isson and Zoe Morawetz.

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