Last week, I described a framework you can use to express strategic choice. A key component of that framework is the Strategic Activity System.

It gives you, the reader, a way to quickly understand the activities that make a difference and how they connect to generate advantages that are very difficult for others to copy.

Check out the strategic activity system for WAWTO evenings.

WAWTO is a small event in Toronto. There’s no cost to attend, limited commercials, it has awesome people sharing real stories about analytics, and, it’s marketed entirely through WOM and organic.

These four advantages are realized by hosting at no-cost venues, typically pubs, which feature beer and wine, that all contributes to real storytelling.

One of the issues we’ve been facing is a growing preference for PPT storytelling. There’s higher satisfaction with white paper sharing is formalized. By adjusting the choice of a ‘pub’ for a ‘paid venue with A/V equipment, suddenly the no cost to attend and limited commercial advantages are lost.

Commercials at conferences are essential to the funding of meeting space.

Such diagrams really get at the root of why it’s hard to go off a strategy – or why entire systems need to be rethought and redesigned.

Try drawing one out yourself and experience what I mean.


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