Friday will be my last day at Critical Mass.

There are implications for what is written in this space.

For one, there was a large body of material that I simply self-censored. This will change.

For two, I’m anticipating that post volume will go up, at least in the short-run until I’m gradually consumed by this next role.

Much doesn’t change.

You can expect the same length of posts and the occasional rants and use of images.

The subject matter will probably continue to focus on the meta and larger social issues around analytics.

Most of the relentless plugs for the Web Analytics Association, Web Analytics Wednesday, and TDMF will persist.

As for the next challenge:

I’m pretty excited.

My twitter is of course @cjpberry and if you need to get in touch, you know how to at me.

5 thoughts on “Last Day At Critical Mass

  1. benry says:

    You will be missed, however I am looking forward to more content and information from you. And of course I too will be following shortly on your heels from the ranks of Critical Mass.

  2. andy says:

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  3. andy says:

    Good luck away from the CM bosom.
    I peversely miss the time tracker, and all my sweaters having shredded elbows.

  4. Where are you going?

  5. @benry Thanks!

    @CommentDeleted Intriguing

    @Andy Time Tracker is a data mine. 😉

    @jacqueswarren Details forthcoming.

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