This posting is a continuation of themes found in the first mobile analytics post, and the second. Namely – mobile analytics is coming and it’s going to be really important before we really see it coming. The relatively light attendance at the mobile analytics sessions at eMetrics is fairly indicative of this.

There are a number of mobile analytics providers out there, including Bango and Admob (Thanks Sarah!) Mobislim has a very good blog on the topic.

One article in particular caught my eye.

79 people completed the survey

And here are the results:

1) Is mobile advertising an important part of your marketing strategy?

73.4% said YES
3.8% said NO

2) Which mobile advertising networks/search advertising networks to you use?
(multiple answers allowed)

Google 86.7%
Yahoo! 26.7%
Adultmoda/Admoda 21.7%
Third Screen Media 16.7%
JumpTap 13.3%
Admob 13.3%
MoJiva 8.3%
Decktrade 5.0% 3.3%
Medio 3.3%
Mkhoj 3.3%
ZestAdz 1.7% 1.7%

Such as 4thScreen, itext, DIYMAD, Quattro, Nokia Interactive, Develop myself

3) Do you measure the results?

67% said YES
33% said NO

Wow! So many vendors, so little time!

So we know that Google Analytics is being used a lot. I’ve found that GA picks up iPhone, Treo, PSP, and hitbox platforms fairly well. Setting up a unique profile in GA to capture only mobile platforms is possible, and it would be valuable to see the differences between how a mobile user handles a site, as opposed to a web browser. Those insights could go a long way into informing mobile optimization and assist in the transition from interweb development to mobile development.

I’m still very much troubled by the black whole that is native app analytics on the iPhone. Books on that SDK are not forthcoming for at least another two months.