eMetrics, day 3, was ‘lighter’ in terms of attendance, but heavier in terms of topics.

Of particular interest, as always, was Neil Mason of Applied Insights, giving a very good overview of behavioral segmentation and the slog therein. It was quite possibly one of the most useful and interesting presentation of the entire summit.

Gary Angel from Semphonic gave a very good talk on the slog of behavioral segmentation.

The final presentation, on Mobile Analytics, by Sebastian Wenzel, was one of the most practical sort of ‘FYI’ sessions. For being in the tail end death slot, it was well attended by more than 25 people. I think his presentation actually should have happened earlier in the summit, given the nature of the presentation, but that might be entirely a different story.

I got some really great value out of Day 3. Even though you know 99% of the content already, just watching these pros explain it, how they present it, and how they attempt to communicate very complex concepts to a new audience – I think it’s just great. It’s a great value.

The bulk of the content, and especially the side-bar conversations, are going to form a body of posts on this blog over the coming months. It traditionally takes me 6 months to follow up on all the action items from an eMetrics conference, and this time, it might take 8.

As a preview, or a laundry list, of what I believe are the major themes emerging:

1. “Value” interactions and the myth of tokenization
2. The difference between isolating the Truth of ROI or the LifeTime value of a customer, and the practicality of just measuring the damn delta and getting on with it.
3. Mobile Analytics and the Mobile Web
4. Analytical communication
5. Scientific method versus ‘data exploration’. (Ie. the difference between process and ‘screwing around with the data’)
6. The underbelly of eMetrics Summits

I’ll put it to a vote.

2 thoughts on “eMetrics, Day 3. And what’s the deal with airline food?

  1. Sarah Keefe says:

    Yes, mobile analytics is an important new growth area. Your readers might like to check out the Mobislim blog at http://mobislim.wordpress.com to see the sort of metrics that Bango and AdMob mobile analytics produce when measuring mobile advertising campaigns. There’s some interesting insights there.
    Sarah Keefe

  2. Great blog Sarah, I agree!

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