ChangeCamp is a nice continuation of what I think should happen.

On Thursday’s The National with Peter Mansbridge, I listened to the panel chortle about how meaningless 100,000 facebook fans complaining about prorogation was.

The principle complaint against social media participation?

That it was easy for just anybody to click a button.

Isn’t that the point? To make democracy easier? More accessible?

It’s because I believe that we need to reform the government-public interface that I’m going to support ChangeCamp.

What’s possible?

To Canada: Social Media in 2010 is to the CBC in 1935 is to the railroad in 1889.


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  1. Great to have you aboard! The question of improving the interface between governments and publics using new tools is a complex one, and it needs the smartest and most passionate thinkers, designers and organizers to come together around it. Thanks for your support.

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