It’s awesome to watch Pinterest grow.

A post at High Scalability reveals just how much they’ve grown.


  • 80 million objects stored in S3 with 410 terabytes of user data, 10x what they had in August. EC2 instances have grown by 3x.
  • 150 EC2 instances in the web tier
  • 90 instances for in-memory caching, which removes database load

And a few notes about technology that caused a smile:

  • Written in Python and Django 
  • Hadoop-based Elastic Map Reduce is used for data analysis and costs only a few hundred dollars a month
  • One of the fastest growing sites in history. Sites AWS for making it possible to handle 18 million visitors in March, a 50% increase from the previous month, with very little IT infrastructure.

The technology is already causing severe disruption because it’s in the hands of disruptive people.

Pinterest is a social image curation site with dead simple IA. Look at what they’ve achieved. They’re not even straining as hard against the fail whale as Twitter was in 2007.

Keep it up guys, we’re all rooting for you.


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