I think that sometimes, it’s human nature to try to add complexity to seek a competitive advantage.

Sometimes there’s competitive advantage in Ease. In easyness. In simplicity.

A good example is the difference between Windows and the original command line DOS. Another is between Mac OX and Windows.

Simplicity isn’t easy though.

It’s far easier to pound out a five page brief than it is to write two paragraphs communicating the same thing. It’s hard to get right. But most of the time, you only have two paragraphs.

So you see, simplicity can be incredibly complex.

I’m kind of intoxicated by this relationship between simplicity and complexity.

2 thoughts on ““Simplicity” and “Complexity”

  1. “The Laws Of Simplicity”, http://www.amazon.com/Laws-Simplicity-Design-Technology-Business/dp/0262134721

    I’ll lend it to you next time I see you. A light read, but insightful.

  2. Christopher Berry says:

    Thanks Malcolm! Helpful!

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