19. iReddit: Good usability with in-browser support. Sit back on the couch and watch the world burn.

18. BBC News App: Excellent usability and good content refresh rate. No paywalls and full access. An excellent experience all around.

17. Exoplanet: Continuously updated with the latest exoplanet discoveries. Excellent data visualization and navigability.

16. Twitter: The official app is usable and more convenient than the web.

15. Wikipanion: Of all the Wikipedia apps, the most basic one is the most usable and detailed. I used to use Discover for the longest time, but ultimately stopped because of a lack in detail.

14. Kindle: All my amazon books in one place. Convenient and a huge depth. I tried Kobo, but couldn’t get past the awkward usability.

13. WordPress: The app is functional enough to get posts out. Very handy.

12. Carcassonne: Among the best analytical games you can find for the iPad.

11. Netflix: Search what else there is to watch while you watch Netflix on the main TV screen. You can watch content too, I suppose, however, battery power is a bit of an issue.

10. WeatherEye HD: I get the weather from the weather station at the school down the street. That’s pretty hyperlocal.

9. AirTycoon: A clone of the classic KOEI game about airline logistics. It’s not for everyone. Well. It’s not really for anyone except for those who like yield management and logistics. And think of it like a game.

8. Catan: The classic is excellent and the port is usable.

7. CivRev: The XBOX port performs very well on the iPad.

6. Osmos HD: Simply a beautiful experience and a fun game.

5. Big Calc Free: Extra, oversized buttons and a very good response rate makes this one the best of all the calculator clones.

4. Google Earth: The experience is beautiful and I find myself in there for very long periods.

3. Samurai: Among one of the best hex tile placement games.

2. Game D Story: A Meta-Meta business simulation game…about making video games.

1. Artificial Life HD: The first genetic algorithm game I’ve played. Absolutely excellent and visually stunning.

What’s on your list?

One thought on “The 19 iPad Apps I use the most

  1. Grant says:

    Top 6:

    – Slacker (Music)
    – Starbucks (Coffee)
    – Yelp (Food)
    – Scotiabank (cabbage)
    – Evernote (work)
    – Facebook (trolling)

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