This is the fifth in a series on The Basics of Organizing For Data Science.

In this series:

Why The Bullet Point

  • Because they’re readable;
  • Because they’re short;
  • Because readable and short things are more likely to be read.

What Is The Bullet Point

  • <—- This right here;
  • It’s sometimes it’s used as an item in an unordered list of items;
  • The line has blurred between the ordered list and the unordered list.

Where To Use The Bullet Point

  • In powerpoint presentations;
  • In email;
  • In blog posts about bullet points.

When To Use The Bullet Point

  • When you want somebody to read something;
  • If you don’t want somebody to read something, try the paragraph.

Who To Use The Bullet Point On

  • General audiences;
  • Blog readers;
  • Data Scientists.

How To Use The Bullet Point

  • Be brief;
  • Be brilliant;
  • Be gone.


  • We’ve been trained to read very small snippets of text;
  • This challenges the technical communicator;
  • If you can force an idea into a bullet,
  • And can keep it short;
  • People will read it.