It’s very easy to be cynical about new ideas, especially when they’ve been previously hyped and previously failed.

Ideas fail. Statistically, failure is the norm.
I’ve been asking myself the question:

“What’s different today that might make yesterday’s fad become sustainable?”

There are three broad analytical areas that are prime for re-discovery and a fresh round of hype:

Reasons for skepticism:

  • I don’t want my refrigerator to tweet when it’s empty.
  • I don’t want to give brands yet another channel to spam me with coupons.
  • I find the Internet hard enough to use, I don’t need my favourite sites changes all the time.

What’s different now:

  • I want to make things that are harder to steal, easier to retain and that are pirate-resistant.
  • A playlist that adjusts according to my browsing pattern would be valuable.

All three analytical frontiers mandate an excellent blend of design and science.

How awesome is that?

What do you think? Time for hype?


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