I applaud Joseph Carrabis for writing “The Unfulfilled Promise of Online Analytics, Part 1“.

You need to read it if you want in on the debate.

There’s been a fundamental schism in analytics since the 1930’s – between ‘advertising’ and ‘marketing’, really, as far as I can tell, since Hopkins died and was forgotten.

So when Joseph holds up a mirror to the web analytics industry of course it’s going to be ugly.

Of course you’re going to see a massive, gaping, puss-filled wound running diagonally across the face.

I’m not going to shoot the person holding the mirror. Neither should you.

And I’m not going to personalize the debate, either. I think we might be tempted to boil this down to a difference between two wildly successive authors.

It’s more than two authors. They’re just latest incarnations of that schism.

How do we stitch the face back together?

One thought on “The Schism in Analytics, A response to Carrabis, Part I

  1. Chris,
    thanks for your time and energy on this. The responses via comments, twitterings, emails, Skype and phone have been…fascinating. And to all your readers, I’m actively looking for feedback/inputs during preparation of part 2 (next month’s post).
    Thanks again. – Joseph

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