eMetrics is this week in Toronto and I’m pretty excited!

8. Come out on Wednesday night to catch a panel with Jim Sterne and Mark Dykeman on Convergence and the State of Audience Measurement. Mark deals with radio, tv, social, and web analytics in his role at the CBC, and you’ll learn a few of his secrets for dealing with media.

7. Corner Stephane Hamel at the eMetrics meet and greet that Wednesday night. Ask him about W.A.S.P., and then turn around and ask me how I use the product!

6. On Thursday, during the first break, visit Jim Novo at the WAA desk, and ask him three questions about analytics, certification, and professionalization.

5. Attend Stephane Hamel’s Web Analytics Maturity Model session.

4. Attend the “How decision makers consume what analysts produce”. Of all the Thursday sessions, this is the most critical. You need to hear what other decision makers think and need, as these are your primary consumers.

3. Attend a Web Analytics Wednesday on a Thursday, sponsored by Syncapse. It’s the most heavy-weight group we’ve ever had in Toronto – Novo, Sterne, and Peterson – together on stage. I really want your experience what has been my experience with all three of them over the years. And we’ll be doing it in WAWTO tradition.

2. Hemash Bhatti, a measurement scientist from Syncapse, contributed to the WAA Code of Ethics, and was there as dozens of issues arose. He knows a lot about what happened, the implications, and EU privacy considerations. He’s on the front lines of this. The panel on privacy is extremely important.

1. Attend the Social Media Metrics session. Simon Austin and myself are presenting on Social Media Metrics. Simon Austin is one of the best minds in SMM, and his presentation is easily the $2000 session. I will be dovetailing with him, presenting findings on SMM from the WAA Research Committee.

There are a few other tips for getting the most value.

  • Friday morning’s sessions are excellent – if you have no mobile measurement, attend Patrick Glinski’s session, otherwise, do mobile.

  • The lobby is where I met Ned Kumar last year. I’ve learned a lot from Ned, and I continue to get deeper into the analytics of innovation as a result. I recommend spending some time in the lobby over the course of the conference.

  • Shake hands and mix. eMetrics attracts 60% introverts who continue being introverted. You have to shake hands if you’re to get to know others. Step out of the comfort zone, well outside the comfort zone, and really go to town.

I’d like to see you there.

3 thoughts on “The top 8 things to do at eMetrics Toronto

  1. Simon says:

    Who the F**K is Sam Austin?

  2. Jen says:

    See Angie Brown too and submit questions for their thingy. Can I be bold and post a link? Sure I can: http://goo.gl/mod/6Slf

    (haha, the captcha is imp halp. Imp! Halp!)

  3. @Simon Austin


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