Toronto is a very interesting place right now.

There’s an energy here, roiling away at the lower level.

I’m hearing good things coming out of the data mining community. I’m hearing good things at MaRS, and a few interesting web analytics projects that are emerging around pub tables across the downtown core.

There are developers, statisticians, search professionals, ecommerce directors, data miners, entrepreuneurs, social scientists and hard scientists – working away on different implementations, on different levels, in different sectors. It’s hard for me to know what’s happening in the other analytical capitals – Hong Kong, London, San Fran, and the New York – Baltimore – Washington corridor.

But it’s finally happening here.

One thought on “The Toronto Analytics Ecosystem

  1. Well, good! I was wondering what was going on with Web Analytics in Toronto. My site gets almost no visits from your city, whereas people all over North America and Europe show up everyday, which I was almost interpreting as lack of interest in our fascinating field ;-).

    So, this mean will have a lot of people attending the Emetrics Summit then!

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