The title is funny and accurate.

Web Analytics Wednesday Toronto is on a Thursday in March and April.

I hear that people like technical presentations and business presentations. So, the March 31 edition at the Charlotte room and will feature presentations by Simon Colyer and Robin Ward. I will be presenting a recent study on Increasing Campaign Effectiveness from the business side.

The eMetrics Toronto edition happens on April 28th and will have Jim Sterne, Jim Novo and Eric T. Peterson.

Why should I come out?

The Toronto analytics community is exciting and growing.

According to Indeed, there are six published open recs for web analysts in Toronto. There are 806 open recs for analytics in Toronto. Publicly posted recs are only representative of what’s really going on out there in the information economy. The unpublished market is much deeper.

Canadian analytics practitioners are taking on the world and winning.

Web Analytics Wednesday Toronto is a gathering of people who really practice analytics.

If you’re in analytics, work with analytics, or want to get into analytics – WAWTO is the place to come out and meet those who practice while asking and answering questions.

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