It’s time for another Web Analytics Wednesday, this January 28th.

Patrick Glinski has really gone all out this time, lining up sponsors from Omniture and ExactTarget, and hauling none other than Jim Sterne, founder and chairman of the Web Analytics Association, on out. For the first time, we’re going to have a panel.

I’m excited because it marks a slight maturation in WAW, which I think will be welcomed. At the same time, Patrick nor myself want to lose the essential ethos of WAW, which involves getting together, sharing pain points and editorials, and laughing alot. There are multiple conversations that happen at multiple tables, people network, and then the table of regular regulars starts to consolidate around 10pm. Good times are had by all.

For many in the Toronto community, it’s the rare time that they get together with other web analysts.

Space is limited. At the time of posting, we have 59 signed up. I think we have a cap at 70, so get in!

One thought on “Web Analytics Wednesday Toronto, Weds Jan 28

  1. Omar Zaibak says:

    Hi Chris, will you be attending the upcoming WAW in Toronto this June 3? Would be good to have you come out, I’m covering it on my blog at it will be my first time going.


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