The obvious agenda of the next Toronto Web Analytics Wednesday is pretty obvious.

When passionate developers get together, they usually hack.

What happens when passionate analysts get together?

That’s the question.

I’ve put out a pretty basic call – bring 25 copies of a single sheet of paper to the next WAW. Have 3 bullet points and supporting data. Be prepared to distribute it and talk about what you found. It is indeed homework prior to the next one.

It’s an opportunity for analysts to move beyond talking about web analytics to sharing what they do.

There are loads of open data sets out there, with very, very rich datasets. Never before has there been so much opportunity.

To that end, I’m really not certain if web analysts are really like developers in that respect.

I’ll let you know how November 10 goes.

One thought on “Are web analysts like developers?

  1. Jim Novo says:

    I like this a lot! Reminds me of the old WebTrends User Forums we used to do in different cities before WAW was born.

    ‘Course there was no alcohol involved in those, so YRMV…

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