A sequence of progressive hypothesis testing is the most efficient and effective method to derive competitive advantage from data.


One thought on “Axiom Three

  1. I’ve purposely left the term “progressive hypothesis testing” separate from the word ‘theory’ or ‘science’ here because of one damming counter-example.

    I don’t believe, as does one other, that a genetic / evolutionary algorithm uses science in deciding how to evolve it’s children. That is to say – uses a theory to decide how to evolve. For the most part, a genetic algorithm uses a real-random number generator to evolve children. In the future, genetic algorithms will evolve based on environmental pressures (and if a robot ever achieves homeostasis, as Bickerton advises, RUN!).

    I believe that for a HUMAN, however, a system of progressive hypotheses testing informed by a THEORY is the most efficient and effective means of arriving at a competitive advantage.

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