Can I ask about what you think of #measure, which is the main analytics channel on twitter?

Are you happy with what that channel has become?


I’m Christopher Berry.
I’m taking refuge over at #msure.
I tweet about analytics @cjpberry
I write at

3 thoughts on “Can I ask you about #measure ?

  1. Don’t follow it much although I use it. What has it become?

  2. I counted 14 tweets from one vendor. 12 from another. Several of them duplicates.

    It’s like they got them scheduled to be recurring.

    The signal to noise ratio has really gone to hell, and I can’t tell if that’s what the community really wants.

    I don’t identify with that.

    So, I deleted the column.

  3. Ah! I see. I never understood what was wring with #wa.. then Eric decided it would be measure, loosing 5 characters in the process.

    What about #da?

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