You’re invited to #WAWTO on June 22. Success would be several analysts, developers, marketers, data miners and creatives/artists coming out to engage and connect.

Check out the invite below because it’s going to be a fascinating and fun meetup:

The thesis question for the night is: “Does anyone give a shit about your dumb idea?“, first posed by David Cancel on his Data Driven Startup blog.

And to help answer that, one of the best innovators, bootstrapper, and scientists I know, Joseph Carrabis, will be on hand to present solutions, pose problems, and answer your questions.

Like any collective community, we’re long on ideas (good), long on realism (okay), and a bit shorter on testing (not as good). So how can we accelerate that in a meaningful way? How can we maximize the odds of winning while minimizing the impact of failing? That’s the genesis, and that’s why it’s important to get together and really address it.

One thought on “Does anyone give a shit about your dumb idea?

  1. Joseph says:

    One thing that tickles me about the night’s discussion being about testing good ideas is that we have a prototype tool, The NextStage BusinessPlan Reader, that determines if your business plan is a successful one. We haven’t released it yet, although Microsoft, Dell, FedEx and a few others scored extremely well. US and Canadian governments scored extremely not so well.

    Surprise, huh?

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